Follow this guide to look after your synthetic wig the recommended way! 
Maintaining your synthetic wig is important if you want it to last a long time and keep it looking great.

Alike real human hair, after time the hair will need to be washed. Do not be scared to wash your synthetic wig. If you wear your wig every day, wash it every 2 weeks.


 De-tangle the hair, use a wide tooth comb. 

Carefully brush through any tangles, do not pull or drag the fibre.


Fill a bowl with cold water & shampoo of your choice.

If the water is hot and your wig has waves, they will diminish, so please be cautious.


Immerse your wig into the water, soak for 5 mins.

Do not scrub it, if your wig is very dirty, wash and re-soak.

(rinse off the shampoo)


Apply fabric softener onto the wig (as you would conditioner) and gently comb the product into the hair.

Leave the product in for 5 mins, then rinse off.


Towel dry the wig 

Place the wig between a folded towel and pat the wig dry. 

Do this gently as you would with your natural hair.


Style and air-dry

Gently shake the wig to regain its texture, curl or wave. 
You can use a blow-dryer but ensure the heat is very LOW.

  1. DO NOT sleep on your wig!

  2. Maintaining straight hair: If your wig is straight, comb the hair and dip the ends into boiling hot water mixed with fabric softener, the recommended ratio is 1:7 product to water. Next, air-dry the hair or blow-dry on low heat. This method works wonders (this method is better preferred than using a straightening iron).

  3. Maintaining wavy/curly hair: To revive curls/waves, apply bendy rollers or curling rods. You then submerge your wig into boiling water for 5 mins (in the same solution as mentioned in tip #2) . Straight after, run cold water over the wig. Proceed to then towel dry and remove the curling rods/bendy rollers.  To further dry, the hair can be air-dried or blow-dried on low heat. This method also works wonders.

  4. Use silicone spray on the wig. Silicone provides slip which is great for synthetic fibres, using this secret will prevent the wig from tangling and will reduce any possible frizzing. Silicone spray can be found at trade tools, accessories and hardware products stores or easily online. (for over 18's only)

  5. To reduce any wig shine, use dry shampoo or lightly dust baby powder over the hair. This can be purchased at your local beauty supply store or online. 

Synthetic Wig guide PDF
Virgin Wig Guide PDF

These guides come inside your wig package. Have a look at them if you're generally interested in learning or you have lost the guide provided in your package.