Thinning scissors are essential to keeping your synthetic wig lasting long. 

Using these scissors will get rid of old and excess density, leaving the remaining hair free-flowing and like new.

How to use: 

1. Make sure the hair is clean, dry and detangled.

2. Thinning hair is best done in medium sized sections/bunches. Place, then clamp the scissors in the middle of the hair bunch, then open the scissors, move to the remaining half of the hair, clamp again, and repeat the process until you reach the ends.

Please note that the starting point should not be close to the hair root. Start mid length. 

3. Comb the thinned hair out. Comb off the cut hair with a comb, then look at the final result. You will be amazed. 

Your synthetic wig will last much longer when you use this method. 

Thinning scissors




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