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What is lace tint spray? 


Lace tint spray is used to help your lace match your skin tone.


How to use:


Spray the product onto the the back of the lace, let it dry and wear your wig. The spray can be re-applied to further darken the lace colour.


This product can also be applied with a brush. 

(Application instructions will be included in your package)


This product is highly recommended if you are of a light brown, medium brown, dark brown skin complexion or purchasing a synthetic wig as some wigs are only provided in transparent lace colour.



Light brown: best for tan and caramel skin tones.


Medium brown: best for rich brown skin tones.


Dark brown: best used for dark chocolate skin tones.


Lace tint is 20ml or 50ml


and alike all dyes, please conduct a allergy test 48hrs before use.

Lace Tint Spray