Taking Care of Your Synthetic Wig

Hello readers,

It is so important that you look after your synthetic in order for it to stay young and youthful and here are some tips below.

Tip 1: Buy the Mane 'n' Tail de-tangling spray and spray all over the mid & ends of the hair. The product needs to touch every strand, the hair should be not be wet but damp (with the product). I recommend to do this every 3 wears.

The Main 'n' Tail product provides a protective coat over the hair, therefore prolonging its life.

Tip 2: Do not wear your synthetic wig to the gym or amusement park unless its tied up. The more you touch, wear and play around with the kanekalon fibre, the more "wear" it would have. These wigs are for everyday wear but if you're doing high impact activities where your hair may get messy, please tie your hair back.

Tip 3: When you're combing your hair, please comb with a wide tooth comb and start from the bottom, then work your way up. This is the best and most recommended way!

Tip 4: When your hair starts to get old please use thinning scissors to thin out the hair. This will make the hair look and feel brand new.

So, guys I hope these tips have been very helpful for you.

If you have any questions please contact through Instagram @theinvisiblewig

Happy Wig Wearing!

Kind Regards,


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