Frequently asked questions

When should I receive my wig/item?

​Item dispatch information is on each product listing page, normally wigs/items are dispatched within 1-4 business days (unless stated otherwise).
You will be notified when it's on its way & sent a tracking number.

What is wig density?

Density refers to the thickness a wig has,
160% density is considered naturally full,
150% density is considered as healthy thickness (it's just in the middle and is suitable for majority of customers)
130 - 140% density is considered a natural thickness.

Can I wash and apply heat to this hair?

Virgin: Treat the hair alike your real hair. It is recommended to wash and use heat on your wigs once a week to preserve its durability/longevity. Synthetic: Yes, you can. Synthetic wigs do not need a high heat to comply with your heat applicatior. 140 degrees centigrade is perfect to acheive a style you want. Wash your wig every 10 days depending on how frequently you wear it. Do not wash your wig with hot water unless you want to change its texture. Please check out this link for more on looking after your synthetic wig CLICK HERE

Are the wigs glueless?

Yes, these wigs are specially created to stay secure onto your head. All wigs have elastic security straps attached on the sides of the wig and various combs located around the wig. You do not need any form of glue to wear your wig.

Styling, Colour and other things

The Virgin wigs are washed and styled before dispatch.

Please note that all wigs are photographed in a studio.

Synthetic wig care?

These synthetic wigs last a long while if you take care of the hair. Please make sure you pay attention to the tips and education featured on this website. Few things to remember: - you can wash and apply heat to the hair - use products such as the Mane'n'Tail products to manage the hair - wash the hair to remove old product buildup (using cold water) - as the wig gets old, use thinning sissors to restore its youthfullness (this works wonders!) - comb using a wide tooth comb and start from the bottom. - don't sleep in your wig Follow these tips and your wig will last!