Hey, I'm Shannon

... the creator of The Invisible Wig and although my main job is to run a company providing amazing wigs and quality products, secondly, my passion is in marketing and setting up businesses. So, I also work with millennial female entrepreneurs who want to create wealth by building their own empires so they can quit their 9-5 job like me.

I started my entrepreneurship journey in my first year of university studying International Marketing with fashion. With my prior hair extensions business I was selling from my dorm and soon made profits of thousands of pounds within hours of launching. I didn't have a website, it was just from social media and the people I knew, I didn’t have a flashy brand, a huge marketing budget, nor worked with any influencers.

Some years later, I then launched The Invisible Wig, re-branded and made more money in one month in comparison to working a regular job, with under 20k followers on Instagram. My next quest is to help other business owners do the same. I have many successful people around me and they do say surrounding yourself with like minded individuals is one of the keys to success!

I'm open to working with 10 entrepreneurs each month who are starting or need some assistance with their hair and/or beauty business. 

If you would like to work with me, please check out the product below, purchase it and receive and evaluation on your business, current marketing efforts and I will make detailed suggestions for improvements. We can then plan and implement social media or other marketing campaigns whilst I suggest new content, workflows or methods for reaching consumers (1-1 coaching).

It is so worthwhile to have a valued opinion on your business. I know how much it means to an entrepreneur, so lets embark on success together.